Date added: 03/26/2016 Saying Goodbye to the Diecast World

Saying Goodbye to the Diecast World

It's been 18 years since we started Milezone.Com and the 1/64 scale diecast business. It was a hell of a run, we had lots of fun, but it is time to say goodbye. I was thinking we try keeping a few brands in stock for the rest of this year, but I am only prolonging the agony.

Next week we will be receiving the Pop Culture B and C assortment, and we will ship all subscriptions for this item. As well anyone who pre-ordered the Auto-Trucks R36 will be getting this as well in the next week or 2.
So after the Pop Culture B and C assortment come next week, NO further subscriptions will be fullfilled.
After that we are calling it quits, done with ALL other items, no more will come to us.
We had a customer come and buy all our storefront products and open rides, and we are free and clear of diecast.
This gives me the much needed time to focus on my new adventure in custom and production knives and outdoor gear.

I want to thank everyone for the many years of awesome support, I will truly miss the diecast world and will quite frankly be a little lost for awhile while I totally take myself out of the game.

I wish you all the best and I hope to maybe see some of you back when you are ready for a new knife, outdoor gear.