Milezone Z04 Ball Bearing Folding Knife - Tan FREE SHIPPING (mzz04t)

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This is the Z04 Bearing folder.  Assembled in America!  Russ Burke personally assembles each folder and adds a professional razor sharp edge to the blade, so you know you will be getting a fine working ready to use knife.

Featuring a 3.8" flat grind 440C blade, that will come razor sharp.  The handle is G10 with nice grip and texture.  With ball bearing mechanics controlling the action, this blade opes fast!  Has a liner lock and clip.

This product will have LIFETIME FREE SHARPENING service.  So whenever you need a sharpening we will do this for free. (only a $5 return shipping fee is required)  You are also welcome to bring it to one of the many shows we attend weekly.

Free shipping anywhere in the USA, all other countries please add $10 to ship.