Date added: 11/18/2015 Real Steel Knives Distributor

Milezone.Com is proud to announce that we are officially a Real Steel Knives distributor for the USA.  RSK is a faily new company that does extremely high end detail knives at a incredible low price.

The fixed blade knives are all flat grind, and the Bushcraft II is D2 steel!  All the folders work on fine ball bearings which makes them not only smooth, but will last a much longer time than the standard "spring assisted opening" knives your commonly see.

Once you see a RSK knife in person you will be a fan, as they leave no detail behind from the incredible hardness of thier blades (58 and up!!!) to the high detail handle and frame work.

And to make your RSK knife purchase more rewarding you are given a lifetime of FREE SHARPENING only from Milezone.Com (free sharpening only if urchased with Milezone.Com, and shipping fees will apply)