Very satisfied with the quality and service. Thanks for the bonus also. Will order more and more :)
Greetings from Jakarta.

Found some Camaros Ive been wanting at a great price. Great service and fast shipping!! Will be buying again from here!

Thanks!!!! Everything came fast and safe.
I'm very happy that Milezone is around.

Thank you so much, I ordered a item and realized shortly after I placed order that I had that item already, I sent a email, but decided to call them and make sure and Russ had already changed my order. Great prices shipping was fast. I will be back to purchase from Milezone!!

Your service is second to none Milezone :-) over 8 purchases & i'll continue supporting your'll. I love the new Quality Inspection Receipt

Russ. Waiting to get the cars in the mail. Is like being a kid again. When you see your name on the box. And can't wait to open.

Thank you Again Russ

Thank you again for the superior service. Great looking 57 chase.

Russ is a great die cast dealer. He alway has what me and my father want. BEST SERVICE & SHIPPING. Got a lot of great m 2 machines from Russ. Thank you to all the mile zone employes. You guys r the best.
P.S keep the chase cars coming!!!!!!!!!

Second time shopping with Russ & Team :-) ALL SMILES! Their commitment to providing good service outshines the rest. Thank you Milezone

Thanks to Russ and the team at Milezone for the always exceptional service. Fast shipping and great packaging each and every time. And any issue I have had has quickly been solved by the team. Thanks!